Teton Business Services

member of the Newton International Family of Companies

Teton Staffing is an industry leader in locating the best talent for open positions in the manufacturing, mechanical, industrial, warehouse and general labor areas. Teton Business Solutions offers safety regulation consulting, payroll services, and much more. Teton also has a partnership with the Michigan Rehabilitation Services. 

Everything You Need
to Accomplish Your Goals


Talent placement.

Talent placement allows us to take on the risk of hiring, managing, and insuring an employee. Our clients are then able to continue focusing on growing their business. 

We take the risk.

At Teton Staffing, we believe it's our job to sweat the details. Those details include finding the best people for the job, prepare them and then continuing to set them up for success while making our clients more efficient. 

We make payroll easy.

As part of the Newton International Family of Companies, we have access to our very own payroll company. This sets us apart from our competition and also makes payroll easy for us to manage.